How To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog at Hostgator in less than 10 Minutes

*** 25% Off Coupon Code: ChristianPF *** For more information This video goes through the step-by-step process of getting a domain name and getting hosting for a new install of a wordpress blog. in this video I am going to take you through the simple process of getting a blog set up at Host Gator, and you’ll be up and blogging in just a few minutes. One of the reasons I like Host Gator is that they have really great customer service support, so you can chat with them right here or you can call them. I talk about in another video where I review all of the different hosts that I’ve used, Host Gator customer service is hands-down the best, I just really like them a lot. Without any more chat about that we will get going. What you wanted to first here, this is the homepage, so once you’re on the homepage you can just go ahead and click view web hosting plans. And then here, you have a couple of different options that you can go with, the Hatchling plan is the cheapest, but I would probably recommend the Baby plan for most people. And the difference is with the Hatchling plan you only get a single domain that you could put on this hosting account, where the Baby plan you can do unlimited. If I can tell you one thing from all of the bloggers that I’ve seen, it’s very rare when I see a blogger who only has one domain, and doesn’t have a test site or doesn’t have another site that they can kind of play with. It’s really not that much more, unless you’re going out
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12 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog at Hostgator in less than 10 Minutes

  1. Kurt Huntsberry

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  2. bj wray-german

    My sister and myself have been trying to follow you advice. . . . .but all we have gotten is thr run around at hostgator. First they said that my router provider had to open 2082 and 2082. This took almost 5 hours, then we started getting the message that the name server need to be changed, we could never get helpwith that. . . then we got the error page 404 not found. I personally spoke to gentmen at HG and e said he had never heard of that to please send to him. What is going on?????

  3. VlasieEugen

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  4. willisybs

    I am extremely new and want to start blogging. I was wondering if we created a domain with this site and generated a lot of traffic, would hostgator be the one to pay you? Kind of confused. I spoke to a rep and all she kept saying is “you can create a blog”

  5. ChristianPFdotcom

    hmmm… I am not sure why you guys are getting that error, but that is exactly why I like Hostgator over other hosts out there – because you can get free phone support or chat support and they will be able to quickly help you get it fixed.

  6. Yan Kolo

    I did everything that you did but when im trying to go to my website normally or with wp-admin im getting an “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND” please help

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