Ron Hubbard Jr.: Scientology has always been a Business 1/3

Interview with Ron DeWolf, son of L. Ron Hubbard. Kirstie Alley Anne Archer Jennifer Aspen James Stacy Barbour Lynsey Bartilson Beck Jason Beghe (ESCAPED) Catherine Bell Karen Black Sonny Bono David Campbell Nancy Cartwright Kate Ceberano Erika Christensen Jeff Conaway Chick…

25 thoughts on “Ron Hubbard Jr.: Scientology has always been a Business 1/3

  1. colliric

    @1980motley Actually according to BareFaced Messiah, he conned people into believing he was a follower of Crowley so he could steal their assests, even Crowley himself fell for it. L Ron Hubbard promptly stole his landlord’s(a fellow Crowley follower) satanist girlfriend and all of his cash and absconded on a yacht he had convinced his friend to buy(as a “business partner”!).


    yeah i can make the emeter needle twitch like a siesmograph needle just by clenching and unclenching my fists rapidly. the emeter is nothing but a standard ‘wheatstone bridge’ and inconclusive on actual thoughts.

  3. 1980motley

    @ZoZojun l Ron Hubbard was a follower of aliester Crowley. he even stated that himself. that man was a nut. too many people has come forward. scientology is not a church. it’s a cult to get money and play god.

  4. cadu1995

    7:07 yEAH 1883 dumb fuck you don’t even know what fucking year it is asshole.& you’re going to CONFRONT this man with your shitty CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE & lousy reporting attitude? Never saw u again CUNT.HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Janet Caterina

    I remember when they first started teching Scientology and they decided to call themselves a church in Canada so that they would have a tax-free status as a charitable organization. Some church!

  6. ZoZojun

    Thanks for your reply. My question for you is have you ever experienced anything for yourself inside scientology? have you taken any of the courses? And do you trust yourself enough to make a good judgement based on your own experience without getting sweyed by other ppl’s opinion of it? I invite you to do that, you seem to be a loving and respectful person, somethings are worth the time to try, just so you know that is what I am doing. Peace and love to all.

  7. tattoopopaperks

    Come on no loving father has a son who gets on national tv and says something like that. I can’t believe that you see this and think he is lying. What possible motive could one have to lie like that. Furthermore if he was so devious as to do that well he most certainly learned it from fatherLRH. The best trick the devil did is make you think you were working for God when in fact you were working for him. What a marvelous trap Scientology truly is. God help those who are in it. God loves you all.

  8. Antithropocentric

    Aren’t most churches businesses, anyhow?

    Catholics still seem bent on overpopulating the world (and denying its environmental effects) to boost their flock and get more income from tithing.

  9. Ninety9Soulz

    Yep, the flat earth is even further evidenced how they refer to the earth as having ‘4 corners’ lol, it amazes me people are stupid enough to believe it. And there’s so much wrong with the Noah’s Ark story I won’t even bother..

  10. sharkattacksteve

    The problem is that DeWolf signed a certified document before his death swearing that everything he had said about his father previously was a lie.

    At the time he did this he had a family to support and was seriously ill and deeply in debt and did this upon receiving a undisclosed settlement from Co$..

    I believe what he’s saying but Miscavige and the scilons always reference his affidavit when you mention his claims.

  11. Siiafu

    Are you dumb? The bibl says the earth was flat. It also states that the earth is the center of the universe lmao it even says that the earth was made in a few days. All “facts” that have been disproven by logical thinking.

  12. Siiafu

    Are you dumb? The bibl says the earth was flat. It also states that the earth is the center of the universe lmao it even says that the earth was made in a few days. All “facts” that have been disproven by logical thinking.

  13. BM Benedict

    um..that was my point….you misread my statement. “there never was a period of ‘flat earth darkness’ among scholars (regardless of how the public at large may have conceptualized our planet both then and now). Greek knowledge of sphericity never faded, and all major medieval scholars accepted the earth’s roundness as an established fact of cosmology.” Steven Jay Gould.

  14. FallicIdol

    Columbus believed the Earth was round, as did his sponsors. His trip was to find a short cut to India. Someone needs to go back to history class?

  15. BM Benedict

    …big difference is that L Ron created his batshit beliefs after the enlightenment (and stole the therapy part from gurdjieff). while you can criticize the bible today, there is no reason to criticize its historical existence until the scientific revolution. before we could see, we all were blind. PS…the ancient greeks discovered that the earth was round. the whole flat-earth thing is a myth taught to glorify columbus, who was a very brave genocidal idiot.

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