Secrets of the Viking Warriors – Raiders by Design 1/2 – Part 1

First episode of the National Geographic two-parts mini-series from 2004
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14 thoughts on “Secrets of the Viking Warriors – Raiders by Design 1/2 – Part 1

  1. delamoxica

    Not nearly as many as the muslims at the time who had turned the Roman mare nostrum into a sea of death which would last to 1812ish, pirating, taking christian slaves and african, waging a seajihad against the infidels, as a resut the vikings changed the main traderoutes to go North through scandinavia and down the russian rivers, and there were peacfull interactions in the east as warriors would take service under local kings and trade. Citys sprang up in their wake like Dublin.

  2. SlaugtherWorkshop

    If you think about that vikings ware all over the whole world during the viking age, raiding and slaughtering everything in their way for over 300 years…
    They probably killed the victims of 9/11 x 10.

  3. nickkraw1

    ha ha ha, the actors playing the guys in the raid at Lindesfarne, I recognize them from the the “warriors” documentary on the vikings. Those guys are what you call “living historians”, they are like huterites only they pretend to be vikings, and actually live completely away from modern technology in the mountains and are self sufficient, making money on tourists and documentaries every once in a while, devoting their lives to training to be vikings.

  4. Drekafluga

    The pronounciation of “vikingafärth” is actually pretty damn close to “víkingaferð”, the exact word in Icelandic, which is by far the closest to ancient norse of all the Scandinavian languages.

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