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The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man

The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man
Unembarrassed in his embrace of fashion, Namath was way out in front of the culture, a sartorial forerunner of all the athletes who have lately morphed from slobs wearing saggers into designer sandwich boards crowding the front rows at Versace shows.
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A Rant About Degenerate Technology [Now in HD!]

My novel: My blog: My Twitter: Glorious Hat! It’s a Pavillion dv6, if you’re wondering… and generic Canon software.
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Create A Responsive WordPress Membership Website

1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. Topics focus on web design,graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles.
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How To Start A Blog in 10 Min!

Click the link below to get setup with your New Blog! I am going to show you how to create a blog in WordPress in less than 10 min. WordPress is a open source platform (free) website builder which you can manage online. In the video I am going to walk you through and show you how Easy it is to install WordPress, along with simple instructions on “How to setup some basic configurations in WordPress.” But first, you will need to setup hosting with HostGator. In the video I have outlined this step by step. Click the link below to get setup with your new Blog! Video Link:
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Effective PHP Solutions for E-commerce Websites

For internet marketers, PHP solutions have become akin to manna from heaven, as they take advantage of the language to manage and run interactive and engaging websites, easily and at very affordable rates. Today, most of the small and medium sized business enterprises, running ecommerce sites depend on various types of PHP solutions like PHP custom solution, PHP SugarCRM solution etc for their website development

PHP is a server side scripting language that can help developers to create appealing and attractive dynamic websites. It has multiple benefits and advantages, giving developers lots of rooms for innovation and creativity to develop interesting websites. Any webmaster with a basic knowledge of web technology can use various PHP solutions like PHP custom solution or PHP SugarCRM solution to automate their company websites

PHP solutions have set certain benchmarks by introducing many advanced ways of making websites that are more interactive and attractive than the static ones. Implementing/using PHP solutions offer many benefits, as it has introduced modern dynamic websites in lieu of the boring static websites. It can:
• Enhance the look and feel of a site, making it bright, lively and vibrant
• Enable webmasters to monitor and track the visitors’ activities
• Get/Obtain direct feedbacks from customers regarding its products or services
• Allow marketers to send emails or newsletter to subscribers that interest them
• Be installed easily on any computer, regardless of the configuration
• Drive and direct traffic to the website, quick and easy
• Allow users to upload their images on the website
• Incorporate media files like video, audio or multimedia to the web pages
• Cut costs, as webmasters don’t require big budgets to make use of the written scripts

Why PHP Solutions?
Other than the benefits listed above, there are solid reasons behind the use of PHP solutions for web application development.
• It’s a free open source technology that can be utilized on all platforms, running seamlessly on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms.
• It has a huge community support system that guides and assists users, when they come across any problem or difficulty
• It ensures that the architecture of the application is scalable and robust
• It has application frameworks like Zend and Cake PHP that has been proven and tested for rapid application development
• It has lots of resources for web development, such as forums, blogs and freeware scripts

Small and medium scale enterprises should start looking for web development companies that provide PHP solutions like PHP custom solution and PHP SugarCRM solution to boost their business growth. In fact, taking PHP solution for web development is the best bet to stay ahead of the pack in the highly competitive online market.

The author of the piece is an expert on PHP solutions like PHP custom solution and writes extensively on open source development. He can be reached via email at
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Oscar Nominated Costumes – Anna Karenina and Les Miserables

Oscar Nominated Costumes – Anna Karenina and Les Miserables
Share This Update. Gayle Anderson was live in Downtown Los Angeles to get an up close look at the costumes from the most recent Oscar-nominated films at the '21st Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design' exhibition. Share. VIEW & ADD COMMENTS …
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Scottish Fold kitten for life! Munchkin British Shorthair cat, cutest fold-eared kitty running

Scottish Fold kitten for life! Munchkin British Shorthair cat, cutest fold-eared kitty running

Happy birthday Basil Farrow! — — The cutest Scottish Fold cat in the world. He’s forever a kitten, so don’t ask his age. Watch him run with his short munchkin legs and sideways paws… Drink water… Gently bat a toy mouse… Wahh and watch a party blowout… and take a towel-bath! You can tell he’s a sweetheart and loves to be hugged. *** See daily photos of my Scottish Fold baby on TWITTER: *** Please visit BASIL’S BLOG! Scottish Fold kitty pictures: *** Come friend him on FACEBOOK: *** Please subscribe to my channel: For more cute cats, kawaii culture and Jpop fun, add La Carmina below. Feel free to contact me for inquiries, gigs, collaborations, endorsements, TV hosting, sponsorships etc. † LA CARMINA † Travel and fashion blogger, TV host / presenter, author, journalist. – URL – – EMAIL – gothiccarmina {att} gmail – Twitter – http – Facebook –
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Now, Everyone can Sell eBooks Securely on Their own Website with

Now, Everyone can Sell eBooks Securely on Their own Website with
In addition to these features, turnkey eCommerce solutions have been developed, based on two of the leading website platforms on the web. These solutions … The first solution is a plugin for WordPress, the most widely used blogging and CMS engine today.
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Houston Business Website Solutions

Houston Web Design presentation on website solutions available in the market for your business. Info on ECommerce, Joomla CMS, WordPress Blogs, website standards. Having a website for your business has become a requirement as everyone spends more and more time online now a days. Is your website setup for maximizing the visitor’s conversion rate, your business’ online presence, and doing what it’s really supposed to do? You have only 3 secs to impress the visitor and make them stick to your website. Check out our blog post on this topic: