Let’s Play The Sims 3 Supernatural Part 3 – Bonehilda

Welcome to Let’s Play The Sims 3 Supernatural Part 3. In this part we see the best thing ever … Bonehilda … I love that skeleton Don’t forget to like and subscribe 😀 Recording software : Fraps Editing software : Sony Vegas pro 10 Thank you for watching ♥ ____________________________________________________________ My Blog : mattgaminglord.blogspot.com Follow me on twitter : twitter.com

22 thoughts on “Let’s Play The Sims 3 Supernatural Part 3 – Bonehilda

  1. jkreece616

    U know there’s a cheat to get money: press ctrl,alt,and c then a big rectangle will come up at the top of the screen you click on it and type in it: motherlode

  2. sushirolled2499

    Your accent is so cute~ And I wish I could get Supernatural but my religion prevents that…WTF. I really want it so bad! I’m crying over here as I watch this. TT u TT

  3. moo11x

    OMG I’m living in that house with my Fairy and Were hehehe and I agree with you, it runs as smooth as velvet~♪ Thank Myshuno for Bonehilda, I don’t think that social worker is going to be stealing anymore of my sims babies while my back is turned! (^_−)☆

  4. lily1879Jaime

    I want mine already! My dad ordered it for me from Amazon, and I am driving myself insane waiting for it! Thanks for the awesome LP to give me a look at what to expect!

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