23 thoughts on “The Venus Project – Future By Design – Full documentary

  1. Skibum Willy

    Here’s an answer, something specific we can demand, protest for, and adopt ourselves! Spread it around! If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. What if we were really just this close to having it work right?

    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie thing. Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

    Over a few calls, an inheritance cap is discussed as a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded more for cooperating and creating instead of competing, conquering.

  2. lesterclaypool1

    yes zeit giest well they just dropped the venus project or should i say that jac”s drop the zeitgiesters and here the best part of the zeit giesters, there leaders are lucifarians and follow the teaching of blavatsky ,,, but im sure you already know this right?and ascharya s well shes been debuked so badly i think its almost ruined her career, you see she only has a bachelors of liberal arts and is not educated in what she said in the ZG movie and murdock her refference material is her pen name

  3. lesterclaypool1

    yes thats right ,,, and who exactly is going to or can work for nothing ?, i cant and we know jac”s wont ! ,,that just a joke he hasnt built one thing the designed ,and he has nt figured out exctly how much pollution would come from building one sky scraper out of plastic/ high density poly propylene is very demanding on oil and gives a huge amount of pollution to make ,so it is unlikly that he have the slightest idea of how destructive to the enviroment just one of his buildings would be

  4. lesterclaypool1

    i think you should spend an after noon with him and ask him the question he does have to answer in his videos like why did you practice medicine with out a license ?and why did you like Hitler so much as a young man ? why didnt you make any of the thing you designed ? or dont you know that a plastic building would pollute more than any other structure on the planet ? or heres a good one in a resource based economy like you say jac”s what happen when resources run out ? they are not unlimited

  5. Eay5paev

    I once watched the beginning of a Venus project related video and now these kind of videos keep popping up in my main YouTube page, although I keep disliking them. Jeez! How can I make these stupid communist, engineer-wannabe, moronic videos stop popping up?

  6. niklar55

    People on welfare are not being paid by the government, the government does not make wealth, only spend it. They are being paid by all the people who ARE working.

  7. Peter Whitlock

    But they DID!
    The looked to scripture and found a search for this PERFECTION and strange links to circle sphere and focus point and Pii the magical number that never ends. They were amazed how circles were found in nature and cycles were part of the same family…. TO BUILD AS IT BE IN HEAVEN! Jesus teach it his CHURCH you give up 100% to enter. Sir Francis Bacon tried it in science and then Walt Disney asked we continue EPCOT as scientific way to PERFECT VILLAGES TO COPY WORLD WIDE AS STANDARD

  8. Peter Whitlock

    I teach BY EXAMPLE same as the scriptures said to do all along! IF you build perfect village that is a part self sustaining and adapts to weather like flower and can also serve a function to Humanity direct as well as be supported by they that have faith in it and wish to replicate to increase powers of functions to become self sustaining more and more as a NETWORK that grows by simply all people wanting to belong to such peer oriented TRIBES and functions freed from DISTRACTIONS and waste.

  9. Peter Whitlock

    Jacques LIED and is IGNORANT!
    I teach Utopia!
    I also teach perfect villages and perfect communities and how to send wars sickness strife abuse lies scams bad influences and promote Vasectomies and individual homes for individuals (with back to back homes with mate) and couples that make no children as well. PLUG AND PLAY ability to adapt to ANYTHING! and resist anyone or thing…just makes TVP look as stupid as it always was to betray the line of circular cities that go far back with THEISTS LOL

  10. Ben Yoshida

    nah it better to do that, then having starving mothers marching on washington. the french and Russian revolution occurred, because the government couldnt feed the population properly.. social discontent on the basis of survival..

  11. Ben Yoshida

    VP will fail. Just like Tesla was forgotten. Edison is a hero.. but most of his innovations are no longer used.. while Tesla is hardly known.. yet his technology, drives our world.. AC/DC power.. money money money..

  12. Ben Yoshida

    no opinions in the future ? .. no more comments on youtube !.. so the pot of faceless prejudice and hatred disappear.. as well as human individuality.

  13. Peter Whitlock

    I teach how to build Utopia and o you got it all wrong as bad as Fresco the Fiasco… Who the F told you that Utopia had to be country wide or world wide? IDIOTS LIKE FRESCO! utopia is personal and so defines as paradise for YOU among peers or a location fit to your exact needs that is also pleasing in to you… I TEACH UTOPIA VILLAGE BY VILLAGE and for any kind!
    Totalitarianism is what TVP offers and what HITLER offered!

  14. borkoboyanov

    The Venus project is basically a project for turning everything and everyone into robots & machines, code & data… Fuck that! I don’t want a Matrix manifestation…

  15. tomo1236

    i think you should do a little research b4 you make a judgment watch some of his lectures or somthing read his books maby you will see what this is all about he has already helped alot…

  16. lee1612k2

    everything is free really you stupid fuk because evrything comes from the planet materials money is just paper made by some smart motherfukers to control us how about you try to open your mind for better ideas instead of talking shit i rather hear someone trying to change the world for good and not for destruction

  17. TechnologicSocialism

    I love the idea of the Venus Project but I think it lacks the application element. Jacque Fresco has left humanity with a glimpse of what is possible and no description or blueprint on how to achieve it other than fancy pictures. This concept will remain theoretically possible until somebody tests it out. Fresco has said if he would be given a billion dollars to build the cities he envisions he would only make an educational documentary. We need direction and results, ASAP.

  18. Borkaman87

    Cultural variety is so adaptive and self restoring, I barely see any threat with Sociocyberneering replacing our currently consumptive resource management- not by democratic means I don’t. In fact, whatever project our democracies might gather under, some of it’s directives could be about preserving cultural variety, public incentive and more. What if a statistics network for society’s current and upcoming needs for services and research- could help optimize the need & service balance? Awsm 🙂

  19. Peter Whitlock

    THE man is holding a tornado building copied right out of DISNEY LAND and you do not notice he is faling he came up with it himself? What6 part of seeing his fake models in his hands and able to see the real one with DISNEY is too hard for you to grasp?
    Fresco presents 10 years after Disney did the same things BUT Disney’s worked in real life and Fresco’s never worked as models less possible in real life! His tornado building happens to be larger than the house it be for! CRAZY!!!

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