Andy Warhol – A Documentary Film – Part 1 of 2 – Pop Art, Artist, Art, Documentary, Warhol

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22 thoughts on “Andy Warhol – A Documentary Film – Part 1 of 2 – Pop Art, Artist, Art, Documentary, Warhol

  1. John Lee Hudson

    This is a great insight into Andy’s short life of only 58 years. @ least he never had to live to see The War Criminal, George Bush Sr as president, but having to live during The Reagan Era, was like Death. John Lennon was murdered by The Reagan Serial Killers, because, like Hitler, The Reagan Gang tried to get him to renounce, but Lennon would not. No one with big money would fight for The People. They are all Dead now!♠

  2. Frank Fletcher

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  3. heca bill

    if warhol would have practiced very hard for about 10 yrs, he might have been able to draw a modestly competent copy of a Rubens, Michelangelo, Bouguereau, etc.

    modern art is a bad joke, played out on the public by the jews who control the artworld,

    just as they control the media, finance, publishing, hollywood, the fed, and industry after industry, etc.

    warhol certainly kissed jewish butt, no doubt about that.
    and he laughed all the way to the bank.

  4. yellowcougar18

    Watch the second part of the documentary. Much of the persona he put on was very much an ‘act’, in many ways. Sort of like making his entire life into art.

  5. Stud Dookie

    Mr. Warhol’s artistic practice — if I have caught his drift alright – is to produce works of arts so inept that their ineptitude beams their value.

  6. Undogmatic79

    Wow, to use the word “fag” the way you do makes me think your a closeted homosexual who is not ok with it. If you don’t like his work, that’s fine. But don’t be ignorant. Its embarrassing!

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