Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest-National Geographic Documentary

This film reveals how seven ingenious technological breakthroughs enabled engineers to build the biggest aircraft carrier in the world – the USS Nimitz, weig…

23 thoughts on “Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest-National Geographic Documentary

  1. quagmire2

    Not every plane needs a catapults full strength to takeoff. Some planes might be damaged with the catapults full strength. Like UAV’s. They are so light, the catapult can’t go low enough not do some damage. The Ford’s magnetic catapult will fix that.

  2. aarvin1

    Why do they need a shooter to fire the catapult ? Just put it on MAXIMUM setting and all the planes will have to take off … don’t you think so ?

  3. TheMystrafanx

    I dont know who decides that, but if we have to watch at least 4-5 embedded ads, can you please make sure that the actual video (that we actually came here to watch) is of decent quality… No bad feelings 🙂

  4. Rico8458

    stop and think a minute: if we spent all that money on nukes to fight the russians, we could have nuke them back in 1946, and save a whole lot of cash.

  5. quagmire2

    So pretty much you want to be in a constant state of war? Hell, let’s make it nuclear war. Tax money went into making nukes, so why not use those either right?

    War is not a game. You want to experience war so badly? Go to Syria and fight for either side. Go see the horrors a war brings first hand by fighting it yourself. Grow up kid. I wish there was a time machine so I could send you back to WWI and WWII. Go see how horrific those wars were. I am sure you would love getting mustard gassed….

  6. DarkRipper117

    Just one thing that bothers me the most…..who the fuck came up with the idea of giving a shitty name to one of this titans…george h. bush.!!! really..thas not funny man…thats not fucking funny!!!

  7. Rico8458

    good counter point, however, why waste tax dollars if you are not going to use the weapons? deterent does not work. he who has more cash wins the war of the future.

  8. cocacolaopenhappines

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