Why Choose Columbia Business School #WhyCBS

Current students tell you why to choose Columbia. Use comments below to ask questions to real students.

24 thoughts on “Why Choose Columbia Business School #WhyCBS

  1. TheAce1082

    Lets deal with the elephant in the room. The admissions officers pass around your photo and judge you on your appearance, maybe with a laugh or too. It plays a role in admissions decisions, because appearance plays a major role in life, especially in business. They don’t want any uglies in their school.

  2. last2017

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 6:23 (repent and believe onto Jesus Christ as your only Savior!) 🙂

  3. last2017

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 6:23 (repent and believe onto Jesus Christ as your only Savior!) 🙂

  4. YaoYao Wang

    I was so inspired by this video then disappointed to see no twitter results for #whycbs. =[ well, sometimes twitter can’t search their hashtags very well maybe?

  5. bsbsbs0101

    “You get a second chance to dream about what you want to be when you grow up”.

    Excellent job with this video, Excellent!! I’ve watched it a couple times, and it’s really inspiring.

  6. Michael Melmed

    @taillebasse1 I have to say that I resent your comments. Columbia Business School (along with most other top-tier b-schools) prides itself in its moral and ethical standing. We (students) are investing a lot of effort, time, and money in our education so that we can be prepared to be entrepreneurial and successful in the business world… Not so that we can be corrupt and sit on boards.

    You may be looking to throw blame somewhere for a struggling economy, but CBS is not the right place.

  7. Michael Melmed

    Good question… I actually don’t know the reasoning behind it. I haven’t seen the picture since submitting it with the application. AND It won’t be used later for your class roster or Student ID card (you submit a new photo for those).

  8. Silvina Perez Cunarro

    Mia is right! I can speak about the alumni network in Latin America, specially in Argentina where they have been extremely helpful and very receptive from the very first day I started thinking about CBS

  9. meswenso

    CBS has an amazing alumni group. Obviously, lots of alums are in New York, but there are many in other cities as well. You could try to find out more information through admissions or the Southeast Asian Business Association. Information on student clubs can be found here: www4.gsb.columbia.edu/cbs-directory/student-groups

  10. DrBanman12

    Great video! I was wondering how interactive/resourceful CBS alumni have been in your experience (especially for those trying to tap into the network to switch careers)? Do you find that the alumni network is geographically biased (i.e. NYC) or pretty well represented around the world (I’m particularly interested in working in S.E. Asia). Thanks!

  11. yamz84

    because the network after college, across continents is as invaluable as peer advising, adv corp fin with prof hodrick, cluster idol and the beer game! #whycbs #proudCBSalum

  12. luckyguy888888UT

    Not into twitter – heard about this at a NJ CBS Alumni gathering this week. Great idea and great execution. Proud to be an Alumni.

  13. Silvina Perez Cunarro

    Thanks!! you won’t believe how helpful CBS classmates are in helping you out with anything… whether it’s an accounting assignment or tweeting!

  14. jstp45

    Although students generally take grades seriously as a sign of mastering class material, the student body voted for grade non-disclosure to recruiters (except for students in the top 10%). The reasoning is that this promotes more teamwork and community in the classroom. It also allows students to take courses outside of their area of expertise without worrying about the impact on their GPA.

  15. meswenso

    Students use a variety of sources to finance bschool – loans, scholarships, fellowships, some students are sponsored by their employer. More information is available here: gsb.columbia.edu/mba/admissions/tuition Please feel free to reach out to the financial aid office with any questions. They will be happy to help.

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