Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

Daphne Koller is enticing top universities to put their most intriguing courses online for free — not just as a service, but as a way to research how people…

25 thoughts on “Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

  1. Mina Chan

    I have taken 2 courses on Coursera. Both are very high quality and great learning for me.  The opportunities Coursera brings to the world is tremendous! A big thank you to the Coursera team to “make this happen”.

  2. Aploving Amrit

    But Does Coursera have sufficient emphasis on Social Science & a little dedicated to it……In a world plagued by conflict , Social Science is the need of the hour 🙂

  3. MrJamjestteo

    13:55 Czechoslovakia is not a country for 2 decades or so… now there is the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 2 nations, 2 languages, 2 countries.

  4. Hyungu Lee

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    Just thanks to teachers with the transforming ideas of reaching to the world with free education. You are changing the world and I see it.

    Thanks again.

  5. Maria Persson

    The idea of education for all makes us all more equal – let it happen and thanks Daphne for sharing your vision, heart and soul. Now ‘we’ need to make sure the infrastructures are in place for those who are most disadvantaged…

  6. Christopher Oakley

    too bad we cant +199999999999999999 etc..this. 57 dislikes? i am curious as to how even 1 dislike is possible….butnot surprised…

  7. wollyknowsit

    That is the problem with this model; until translation software can actively translate the lectures from English. I don’t understand how this was overlooked. A simple person in a remote village in Africa does not speak English.

  8. Dj Vsal

    hats off for Daphne koller n other member of coursera ,recently i have signed up this site for learning python programming language.well, it has really save my valuable time n didn’t need to google again n again for information.

  9. Jim Korioth

    I’m currently in the final stages of two six-week courses through coursera. I went to very well-regarded universities for my traditional education and I hold a BA, JD and MBA. I have to say that these coursera courses rate with the best educational experiences I have ever had. The professors are outstanding, the materials top-notch, and the interaction with other students has been really great. This lady is a genius. She deserves a Nobel prize for creating this & making it work so well.


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  11. Ivan Barreto

    Actually, not always having a professor in front of you to solve your doubts is the best way to go. I think that the university experience is not important for the professors or amazing lectures (which can certainly help) but for the opportunities that are provided to you, i.e., research on-campus, access to employers, networking, etc.

  12. Untouched D.

    Well, I’m going to be totally honest. When I got stuck on something when I was in High School, since I have always been a professional procastinator, I went to this “machine” called personal computer. It helped me. But a machine doesn’t work by itself, it’s powered by people. Hence, the people helped me through a machine.
    I will always choose the diversity of the internet over the one opinion a teacher will have.

  13. tmack1337

    Oh yeah, I can definitely see something like this working for supplemental education for job training. But there are seriously some people that think technology will replace a real life teacher/professor! A machine isn’t going to help you if you get stuck! xD I think the more likely outcome is that the LECTURE and/or notes will be online in some format for students to refer to before class, then come to class to clear up any problems or non-understood stuff.

  14. Untouched D.

    I’m guessing you are from the US. No, this will never replace a college experience.
    This is not for dorms, clubs or anything like that. This is just for people to interact, learn and hopefully educate (or co-educate) themselves enough in order to get a job.
    Also, I can say that some communities I’ve been in are far better, more nurturing and extensively more global that most dorms.

    Just saiyan.

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