Minecraft: How to Build a Library

In this supper awesome Minecraft episode we build a Library and reading room for Scarland. Also we make a fireplace and chairs. My Super Awesome Twitter: htt…
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25 thoughts on “Minecraft: How to Build a Library


    I new from the first time I watched this that it was going to be a good tutorial video for people with an interest in building awesome designs that would come into use, keep it up great work!

  2. Snoopy Brandon

    I have experience with fireplace disasters…
    You make a 3×3 square with a hole in the center for the fire to go through
    you gotta make it go all the way up as to avoid is creeping out near the top
    Hope this helps and I hope it works
    It hs worked for me before so best of Scar 🙂

  3. Bob Marley

    How do you come up with your ideas? I notice my buildings are so plain and boring, compared to most. Any tips for building better looking things?

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