The Art of War Sun Tsu Full Documentary. (Educational).

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise that is attributed to Sun Tzu (also referred to as “Sunzi” and “Sun Wu”), a high ranking military gene…
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24 thoughts on “The Art of War Sun Tsu Full Documentary. (Educational).

  1. MrDeadcows

    It is quite clear that you know very little about 20th century military history. Due to your ignorance i wont even bother to educate you. Stay as stupid as you are american.

  2. horsensscope

    The US was unsuccessful in VN due to mismanaged micro managing politicians at home, not on the battlefield.  For instance, Tet was an utter defeat for the VC and yet news reports announced it as a loss to US forces. Simple.

  3. sombodi200

    I don’t understand what the last sentence have to do with your overall statement. Maybe I went overboard, but America did offer aid in order to win World War 2. If it wasn’t for America, can you honestly say the Allies would have won World War 2 and if they beat Germany, would they have beaten the Soviet Union? Every country steady spits on America about the wars like we done nothing at all. We helped. It wasn’t our fault or problem that Germany went ham turkey on your countries

  4. TheOnyxPaladin

    Actually in the first world war Americans stayed out of it until the very last few months of it. So the USA only contributed to a fraction of the first war.
    “We expected cowboys, we got boy scouts”. On top of just participating for a few months President Wilson wanted a lot of influence over Europe and wanted to start the League of Nations…which was dropped by the US parliament, basically making it useless.
    And in WWII it was an avoiding game again.
    You don’t know how it is to be invaded.

  5. FreeSheep

    The difference is: Chess has been mastered by a computer program in the 90s. Go can’t be calculated because the number of possible progression to their outcomes are more than there are atoms in the universe.

  6. Mikiyl Morris

    I’ve seen it and that’s just great, but chess is not all about capturing pieces, you can win without capturing a single piece.

  7. Sun Jetzu

    THAT ALL SOUNDED RACIST. I dont understand why people always fight about stupid stuff on videos. Many died to protect the world during ww1 and ww2. Its true that in both those situations, once america got involved it basically ended both wars. Only reason it was so, was because euopean powers had already seen years of fighting and were already withered down. There alot of heroes in these wars, and english scottish, french and australians were among them

  8. triploid3

    thank you USA for winning ww1 and ww2. thank you for giving lives to the world, it really makes you wonder what all those English, Scottish, French and Australian soldiers along with soldiers from most of europe and parts of africa died for. Their deaths were meaningless is the face of the ever so great sacrifice made by our thankless heros from the US who could’ve won both wars WHILE drinking moonshine through a beer-bong and screwing dairy queen supermodels daily with no halp from anyone.

  9. TehSquidller

    Ok dude, you fucking know nothing about where I live, you don’t have a clue so stop speculating about a place that you Americans treat like a fucking theme park. Most British people just have a normal voice like you and me, I was trying to be nice about America, but oh, no. You had to pursue your stupid fucking stereotypes.

  10. shoulderkolibri

    You’ve never been to South of Indiana, Alabama, or the outskirts of Georgia. Your tea-drinking and posh British ways are not welcome around there! (But it’s alright, because you’re still of white skin and fair complexion; better than those Mexicans and those Orients!)

    Or you’ll just get laid by a bunch of dumb white trash girls that want to be sweeped away by your fancy schmancy ways. Take advantage of that!

  11. tuesmornininsept

    Captured by an Army/Air Force Veteran; home that day, on 9-11, recovering from two spinal fusions issuing from, injuries sustained while in The U.S.A.F. Uploaded in its entirety on tusmorninginsept911 – YouTube channel – THE FEATURED UPLOAD. An OVER 2 HOUR chronicle, you should watch. It is the most complete, continuous running account to ever surface from 9/11/2001. Something new from that day, not released for nearly a decade after 9/11/2001. Also is also available on DVD.

  12. sombodi200

    No wars, where americans did not act like cowards? I’m not a huge patriot but I’m not just going to sit here and listen to you spout dumshit. In both world wars, we play a major part in. Our general was the head general in world war 2. If it was not for America, I honestly believe Germany would had stomp all over Europe

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