Adding a PDF file to your website (WordPress)

How do you upload a PDF file so visitors to your website can download it?

17 thoughts on “Adding a PDF file to your website (WordPress)

  1. WordpressTutorials10

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  2. almostanythingau

    You’ll be looking to install plugins to make that happen. For what it’s worth, that popup window, where the background goes dark, is called a modal window. That might help when searching for a plugin that lets you do it.

  3. rudulfusbee

    How do I create a window like the “Add Media” window at 40secs into video on my own website!!!??? Thats what I want to know. how to make an interactive form that displays like lightbox/thickbox photo display!

  4. John Brackenwood

    Thanks for the response to my question my friend. Do not know anything on how to sell an ebook let alone how to upload and sell one so will definitely be keeping a look out for it in the next couple of weeks as you said.
    Thanks again for the prompt and courteous reply, all the best, John.

  5. almostanythingau

    Thanks for the feedback John. We’re actually almost finished a plugin that will in fact allow you to sell e-books… funny you should ask about that. We have called it aa-commerce, and we’ll be releasing it within the next couple of weeks I expect. Keep an eye out for it… 🙂

  6. John Brackenwood

    Loved the video, been looking for something on this for a while.
    Would be great if you could make a video on how to use word press to sell an e book(how to kind of thing).
    The photographs of the mig absolutely brilliant. One of the greatest engineered pieces of machinery ever built. Bet that was a lot of fun.
    Anyway hope you can maybe do a video.

    Kindest regards and best wishes John.

  7. vinnajagoda

    you can use online pressmo pdf to flash converter so there won’t be need to download the file at all because it can be viewed online

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