Money As Debt – Full Length Documentary

Money As Debt - Full Length Documentary

Essential viewing on money and the banking system. Money As Debt is a fast-paced and highly entertaining animated feature by artist & videographer, Paul Grig…

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  1. Victor Kaustinen

    The situation today is really bad. Basel 3 for example, there you must have 8% of the loan in capital if the loan is seen with 100% risk. In Sweden a loan on a house is seen with a 5% risk, that means that you need 5% of the 8%. To put that in numbers, if a bank wants to lend out 1000kr, it needs 4kr in own capital. Or 4000kr for a loan for one million sek.

  2. delyparker777

    Nobody really knows how this is going to play, all I can say is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Also remember, that when the collapse does happen, they (central banksters) will present their solution which is world govt, world currency and the new world order. It’s a scam and quite frankly, it is treason!! Interesting that you asked this question, because it was addressed in “The International Forecaster” newsletter just recently. Check out theinternationalforecasterdotcom.

  3. delyparker777

    I am going to take a look at the book you suggested, but keep in mind that the purpose of economics is to hide the truth; not reveal it. Just like most people have never seen the documentaries on youtube called, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” presented by G. Edward Griffin and “The Magical Money Machine” presented by Eustace Mullins. This type of info is surpressed and hidden knowledge unless you’re in the “big club” as the late George Carlin said. 

  4. delyparker777

    I don’t know the answer but I do know one thing for absolute sure: this has been done to us on purpose in order to force humanity to accept world govt or the new world order by the central banksters or the international banksters. There has to be a solution since money is only a means of exchange; nothing more or less. Most people don’t even know what we’re talking about, so what does that tell us?!

  5. RougeSamurai77

    But, If we return to a Gold Standard during a recession, the public will hoard gold in an effort to provide personal economic security. Hoarding gold will only falsely increase the value of gold. Returning to the Gold Standard is not a sound economic plan, due to lingering of the current recession.

  6. sneeper2

    This isn’t truth. It’s propaganda. You want the truth to see through the distortions presented read “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell.

  7. B Charron

    So the government doesn’t print most of the money, its the banking system that does this through fractional reserve. So basically most of our money is not even fiat anymore. Its merely escalating debt. Doesn’t this debt take more actual fiat dollars out of circulation or is this new bank loaned money now considered fiat? What is the next phase as we currently stand in Canada and the US I ask? Is it deflationary collapse or hyperinflation followed by collapse? Anyone have any idea?

  8. delyparker777

    Not necessarily. The problem with congress is that they love the federal reserve and quite frankly, the fed is the boss. They are above the congress, the senate, the president etc. The reason why they love the fed?! The fed can print up endless paper money for endless wars, etc without restraint since the US Dollar no longer has any gold backing. Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution clearly states that gold and silver are legal tender for debts. Read “Web of Debt” by Ellen Brown.

  9. delyparker777

    You mean a devalued dollar that has lost 97% of its purchasing power since 1913?! LOL! I guess you think there’s no inflation and still believe in the existence of a middle class and everything is fine concept?! LOL! Your dollar isn’t backed up by anything either and your dollar is being devalued just like mine. We don’t need the federal reserve. Congress can print up its own money debt free and interest free without them along with all the nations on this planet. Prove it to yourself.

  10. delyparker777

    If you think Timothy Geither or Henry Paulson or the Rockefellers or Rothschilds care about you or me, you’re sadly mistaken. We can literally print up our own currency without them or any central bank. Need proof, read “Web of Debt” by Ellen Brown or watch “The Secret of Oz: Solutions For a Broken Economy” right here on youtube. End the Fed!

  11. Ismail Ahmed-Riley

    oh my goodness I typed this comment out before I saw it on the video.. well I already knew.. Sigh Wilson :>……. UHH I Feel myself yelling “NIXONNNNNNNNNNNN” but instead its WILSONNNNNNNN

  12. Ismail Ahmed-Riley

    Woodrow Wilson is one of the big dickheads who is responsible for this tyranny we humans of America and not just America actually…Are incurring.. sigh…

  13. MrBipBipp

    The system you and the video are describing is one where there is no minimum reserve ratio. What you’re describing could happen in coutries such as Canada or Sweden. However, in practice, it doesn’t because banks don’t keep their reserves ratios at 0%, even if they can.

  14. MrBipBipp

    That’s simply not true. That only happens during emergencies. Besides, banks pay interest on that money. Usually, when one bank has a shortage of reserves, it will borrow it from another one.

  15. MrBipBipp

    It’s true that the latter bank will have its reserve ratio increased and will be able to lend more. However, you’re missing a detail there. When you withdrew $10.000 from the second bank, you decreased its reserves and reserve ratio, thus decreasing its ability to lend.

  16. Gary Schultz

    Yes. It doesn’t matter which bank is next in line. It could all be the same bank and still work. You borrow for a car; your dealer deposits it in the same bank; and the process is repeated until all of the money is loaned out even if all the transactions were in the same bank. No matter. Eventually, your request to borrow 10k will create almost 1 million in credit and the banker gets to charge interest on all of it..

  17. Gary Schultz

    The money in circulation is only a fraction of what the debt is. If there becomes a physical shortage of fiat, then your local Federal Reserve bank will rush some out to your bank – no problem.

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