How to use FTP with FireFTP FileZilla

This video shows you how to use FileZilla or FireFTP with hosting. Link to how to create FTP account with Windows package:…

15 thoughts on “How to use FTP with FireFTP FileZilla

  1. Richard Davenport

    Just trying to help someone out, I added a link to 1and1’s article on creating an FTP account if you have a windows package. Linux article is also available on their site.
    You should be able to create an account based on those instructions.
    I no longer use BTW.
    Hope this helps

  2. EPA18

    I did not like this video, because it started from the assumption that one already has an ftp account. I also have a website hosted by, and I have searched everywhere on the Control Panel for a way to create and ftp account, without success. So, without the ftp account in the first instance, this video is useless.

  3. Mathieu L

    1and1 = worst domain hosting ever !!! no cpanel , charge after i cancel my account , put domain that i dont want , put code in my html . I HAVE NEVER SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT . 1and1 YOU SUCK

  4. Riasat Karim

    I’m only paying $1.99 a month for hosting. Before I found these guys i was using hostbig, and they are complete garbage. Check them out, it’s only $2 bucks a month!!! goo.glaHrRd

  5. revobanga

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