Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse “Gallopin’ Gertie”

Watch the amazing “Gallopin’ Gertie” November 7, 1940 film clip. 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Slender, elegant and graceful, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge stretche…
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  1. Brien Holcombe

    “The FWA believed that wind induced oscillations approached the natural frequencies of the structure causing resonance (the process by which the frequency on an object matches its natural frequency causing a dramatic increase in amplitude). This explains why the relatively low speed wind (42 mph) caused the spectacular oscillations and destruction of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Engineering News-Record, 1941). ”
    GOOGLE “matdl.org/failurecases/Bridge_Collapse_Cases/Tacoma_Narrows “

  2. Hypnokat91

    If they could successfully build the brooklyn bridge in 1883,, and the manhattan bridge in 1912, why did this bridge in particular fail so bad?

  3. Megafanman703

    When I first watched this at a friends house, I asked him “Is that bridge made of rubber?!” And he then told me it was made of concrete.

  4. SongsofInnocence

    Tubby was Mr. Coatsworth’s dog and was trapped in the car when the bridge began to sway violently from side to side. Professor Farquharson tried to save Tubby but the dog was too scared and bit him. Both Tubby and Coatsworth’s car were lost when the bridge collapsed.

  5. DoctrWatson

    I’ll need to research if they did wind tunnel tests using a model before building this 1940 bridge. It was only a two lane bridge with solid side rails and solid roadway. Like a bowl. By the 1950’s the volume of traffic, because of the booming auto industry, would have made the bridge crowded. The replacement bridge in 1950 was four lane, with grille side rails and grates in the roadway that allowed the air to pass through and up. It was an expensive lesson but that bridge still stands.

  6. rocketsocks

    It’s not like that. In low to moderate winds the bridge only moved a little, extrapolating to high winds you’d think the bridge wouldn’t move very much even then. But the motion of the bridge is due to harmonics, which prevents energy from being dissipated. At a critical wind speed more energy would be pumped into the bridge than was leeched out of it through its motion, causing the oscillations to buildup uncontrollably.

  7. DoctrWatson

    Reporter Leonard Coatsworth made an unwise attempt to cross the twisting bridge in his car along with his cocker spaniel Tubby. He was unable to steer and abandoned the car. He tried to return to the car for Tubby, but couldn’t. A bystander and dog lover, Professor Farquharson, made it out to the car but was bitten by the frightened pet. He had to flee for his life before bridge broke up. He is the man you see walking toward the camera.

  8. 996tsp

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