Create Super Trendy Flat UI Web Design In Less Than 1 Hour!

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18 thoughts on “Create Super Trendy Flat UI Web Design In Less Than 1 Hour!

  1. Mohammed Shah Faisal

    thank you i m graphic designer now moving to web can u plz suggest me what is the best full page of chrome or firefox size i m creating website in photoshop and next part how to make HTML or coding i done know what you say???

  2. Eduardo Weidman Barijan

    Great tutorial! I am a developer, so I always get astonished with such simple and efficient designs! I have to catch up on my grids studies, to make even responsive sites in the future. Thank you very much!

  3. iyimiboyle

    what a fantastic tutorial! I learned too many new techniques in photoshop 🙂
    and this techniques helpful to front-end development for design.
    thank you michael.

  4. iamrichlol

    that doesn’t make any sense. I know how to ‘html and css’ as you say, but i don’t know how to turn a photoshop project into an identical website

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