Intelligent Design is Stupid: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson describes the absuridity of “intelligent design”. Sorry folks, the universe was not designed for us. Accept it, we’re nothing special.
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25 thoughts on “Intelligent Design is Stupid: Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. Christian Vera

    You guys do know that you could personally message each other through a number of different ways, right ? You do not need to take up the entire comment section. There is a reason why the comment section is limited and the message section isn’t. Please leave with your theist bullshit and shut it up your own ass. Leave your stupidity and hypocrisy elsewhere. I envy a country like Norway, a completely developed irreligious society that doesn’t breed the ignoramus that this country does.

  2. IllusiveGargantuan

    For your first question, that is what I am essentially asking you. Do you have an answer?
    I do not believe that physical existence is all there is. I believe that consciousness is the true reality and that reality does not end as physical existence ends. This being said, your questions do not make sense.

  3. ExtantFrodo2

    Can you have meaning that is of zero value? What makes you think you are not part of the whole existence? You are limited in the extent of your physical size too yet that doesn’t seem to be bothering you in the way being limited temporally does. Do you know why?

  4. IllusiveGargantuan

    Does value necessarily mean meaning? I think time is irrelevant. If you are not part of the whole existence, nothing that happens in 300 trillion years or at any given time when you don’t exist is going to matter. Life either matters or it does not. If it was not meant to happen, it does not matter.

  5. ExtantFrodo2

    I mean either life has value and therefore meaning or it does not. The length of life doesn’t factor in at all. Indeed, if you look at an eternal life, what would anything we do today matter to you 300 trilliontrillion years from now?

  6. IllusiveGargantuan

    I don’t necessarily agree with your first statement… what do you mean there? I don’t agree with the following question either… what do you mean by “life” and “death”?
    Anyone can laugh, that doesn’t mean there was something intended to laugh about.

  7. ExtantFrodo2

    If there is only meaning in life that is eternal. Then why say there is any meaning in death? You seem to think only he who has the last laugh laughs at all. I will let my silence speak for me. Silence preceded noise. Silence is wiser than noise. There is your truth.

  8. IllusiveGargantuan

    That is irrelevant. An honest teacher will stay focused on teaching, rather than getting fed up and stroking their ego. Nothing is going to come out of that.
    I don’t know about you, but I am never going to take advice about life from someone like that. My experience has led me there and beyond.

  9. IllusiveGargantuan

    I think it does. Does everything physical seem infinite for a reason, or is it because physical infinity compared to existence is paradoxical and infinity fits that?

  10. IllusiveGargantuan

    Hm? I think people only do things like this for one of two reasons, to teach people or to stroke their ego. Never will an honest teacher say what you just said, therefore I must assume you are here to stroke your ego. If you wish to prove otherwise, I am open.
    Otherwise, peace, friend. I am not interested in where this seems to be going.

  11. ExtantFrodo2

    random does not matter when you are talking about an infinite number of universes. Everything that possibly could happen would happen an infinite number of times no matter how unlikely in any one universe.

  12. IllusiveGargantuan

    Not going to try to explain yourself? Oh well… I honestly don’t expect it. I just enjoy pointing out the inability in hopes that it will spark questions in your mind.

  13. ExtantFrodo2

    Inevitable by the laws of infinities. Like if you had an infinite number of monkey type on keyboards they would be typing out an infinite number of copies of Shakespeare as well as an infinite number with only one letter different as well as an infinity with two letters different.
    Infinities are like that. Counter-intuitive.

  14. ExtantFrodo2

    the laws are descriptive, not prescriptive. They are the regularities in this universe of chaos which mainly are due to chaoses that are nearly identical interfering with each other in terms we call regular or periodic. That some would happen to interfere constructively/destructively as periodic phenomena is not unexpected unusual or supernatural. We call the more predictable ones “laws” simply to indicate their constancy not that they are inviolate.

  15. IllusiveGargantuan

    Inevitable by what? A random set of laws? Again, that is nonsense.
    You may say that all you would like. Until you can explain yourself, rather than restating your claim over and over, it really means nothing.
    So, what might something mean if once it is over, everything about it is nonexistent?

  16. TBat87

    No, the only other option than design is not randomness. For instance, if the multiverse holds true, there could be an infinite universes…our universe wouldn’t be random…it would be inevitable

    Youre creating a false dichotomy by saying the only two options are intelligent design, or randomness….thats not correct. Its fallacious on your part

    You don’t need to believe in an afterlife to have meaning in this life, in fact it puts more meaning on this life because it’s so limited and special

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