My Youtube Camera & Editing Software + Book Launch!

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20 thoughts on “My Youtube Camera & Editing Software + Book Launch!

  1. tekydenise

    Absolutely wonderful!!! Im soooooooooooooo glad u made this vid!!! You helped so much in the beginning and I love u for that Rayann…REAL TALK!!! This was so informative and NEEDED!!! Some ppl act like they have a monopoly on their editing software and camera info! Sucks!!! Im like REALLY??? I had asked a cpl of ppl on YT what editing software they used and cameras and they was all stank and didnt give up the info….Really really sad!!! c’mon ppl it just a frickin video! Whew!! I feel better

  2. 11mjsmommy

    Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know you could make thumbnails like you make in Paint… That’s awesome- It’s often a great idea to just go back to basics… 🙂 So happy for you for that feature! Congrats

  3. shortyde86

    Congrats that is Awesome that you were featured I’m happy for you. I will check it out. Great tips i may do a video like this as well. Xoxo 😉 ❤❤❤❤

  4. Blessednelly16

    Girl i still use my webcam and window movie maker lol…but im looking for a camera, the cybershot sounds good…and a tripod sounds like a amazon i go…

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