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How-To: WordPress Themes deinstallieren und löschen

Nicht aktivierte Themes und Plugin stellen ein potentielles Sicherheitsrisiko für ihre WordPress Installation dar und sollten daher unbedingt gelöscht werden. Diese Video zeigt zwei Arten Themen zu deinstallieren und zu löschen.
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Diese Video zeigt, wie man Themes direkt im WordPress-Administrations-Backend und aus dem Dateisystem löscht. Um das Löschen aus dem Dateisystem durchzuführen, muss man mit einen FTP-Programm Zugriff auf die WordPress Installation haben.
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Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Websites (Get High CTR)

In this video, I go through the WordPress Theme database, and pick out some themes that you can use as an affiliate marketer, and receive high click through rates, and more affiliate sales!

It’s very important that you don’t underestimate this aspect of your website. The wrong wordpress template can drop your website conversion rates by half. As an affiliate marketer, every bit helps.

All of the themes I recommend in this video provide high CTRs which can dramatically increase your overall conversion rates.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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2. Kostenlose WordPress Themes

2. Kostenlose WordPress Themes

Hier kommt Ihr zum gesamten Beitrag mit allen 3 Videos und Internetadressen aus dem Video:

In diesem Teil helfe ich Euch bei der Suche nach dem richtigen WordPress Theme mit guten Adressen für kostenlose WordPress Themes.

Den ganzen Artikel zu den Videos findet Ihr auf meiner Webseite unter folgender URL:
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10 Best WordPress Responsive Themes for 2015

Popular and Best WordPress Themes & Templates for 2015.

1. Avada – Responsive WordPress Theme
2. Enfold – Responsive WordPress Theme
3. The7 – Responsive WordPress Theme
4. Salient – Responsive WordPress Theme
5. BeTheme – Responsive WordPress Theme
6. Flatsome – Responsive WordPress Theme
7. Sahifa – Responsive WordPress Theme
8. Total – Responsive WordPress Theme
9. Story – Responsive WordPress Theme
10. Shopkeeper – Responsive WordPress Theme
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7 Best Free WordPress Themes 2016

Best Free WordPress Themes 2016, Best Free WP Themes..











X – The Best WordPress Theme Ever Made? (Review) Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme, which I believe is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever seen so far. Why do I think that? Because I’ve never made a video of one before, and this one all but forced me to want to make one.

THIS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 2.0!! Check out the latest news for this theme that updates the information in this video!

You can see for yourself what makes X so cool here:

If you’d like a video tour of the admin areas, visit here:

Get a tour and demo of using Revolution Slider for X here:


If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. This is the first time I’ve talked about one, so I’m unsure of what the response will be for more. Links to the theme are affiliate links that help support the channel and future videos.

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WordPress Sites Targeted with New Attacks Using C99 PHP Webshell

WordPress Sites Targeted with New Attacks Using C99 PHP Webshell
In this file, IBM has found obfuscated PHP source code. To make things even more confusing and infections harder to detect, the attackers don't place this text in the server's root or the vulnerable plugin's folder, but in a theme's directory. IBM says …
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Why the Death of Kenneth Wiggins Is a Huge Loss to Black Creatives

Why the Death of Kenneth Wiggins Is a Huge Loss to Black Creatives
The creative community lost an up and coming contributor to the future of its space this past week. Kenneth Wiggins passed away, leaving friends and those in the creative industry stunned. Why was his role so important? During the past few years Blacks …
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Just Blog It: Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for You

Just Blog It: Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for You
Regardless if you have web development experience or not, you can quickly build beautiful and compelling websites with WordPress – thanks to its huge selection of themes and layout options. Most of them are directly accessible through the built-in …