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How to Service Clients as a Freelance Web Designer With a Full Time Job

How to Service Clients as a Freelance Web Designer With a Full Time Job

For more click here http://goo.gl/QJLfr In this video I get a great question from a subscriber that asks “how can I hold down my full time job, while running…
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Installing WordPress – Video 5 part 2: Making Money with small businesses and local clients

Check out http://www.newpromedia.com/learnhow This is the final video for installing wordpress successfully and uploading a theme to customize. Re watch this…

How to simplify WordPress Admin UI for your clients : WordPress Plugin: Admin UI Simplificator

The plugin simplifies the WordPress admin user interface by hiding most of the WordPress menus. Download from: wordpress.org This doesn’t mean that the functionality is not accessible. It is just hidden. Also the admin navigation bar is cleaned as well. The plugin is intended to be used by developers/designers who manage WordPress on behalf of their clients. Clients don’t need to know or see anything about plugins, themes, available updates etc. Download Link: wordpress.org
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Jose Caballer on how to charge clients more, agency projects, and WordPress

Learn more from people like Jose over on mattreport.com Show notes: —————— [00:43] Give us the 2 minute drill of who you are and what you do [01:54] What is your experience working with WordPress? [03:30] What are the large budgets you’re seeing in the industry? [06:37] How do you start getting the higher paying projects? [10:30] If you’re not in a big market are you limiting yourself? [14:24] How important is it to know business and your client than design/development? [18:00] How do designers and developers match up with one another? [19:30] Is there a typical number of projects we should handle per year? [22:45] How did you start The Skool? [24:39] How do you develop a team? [28:45] How of you approach selling to your clients? [31:00] Profile the customers [32:17] Did you ever think you would be changing lives with The Skool? [36:16] What’s it like to work with Jason Calacanis? [37:37] How do you apply your background in design to educating people? [40:20] Where can people find you to say THANK YOU?