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Free WordPress Themes: How to FREE download WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins

Free WordPress themes: How to FREE download WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins
Free download wordpress theme and plugins all premium themes and plugin 100% free, also latest premium wordpress themes and wordpress

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premium plugin for free to download and use it as you want.
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Download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins Free?

http://pryormedia.net Do you want to download premium WordPress themes and plugins for free instead of paying the price listed by the developers? Would you rather go to another source, and save that money?

This will be the most important advice you ever hear from me, if you have ever wanted to download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins for free. I know this is something that only a niche few people even need to hear at all, but it’s incredibly important to reiterate over and over again.

Some people will hate this advice, and will do it anyways because their security isn’t worth to them. They think “I’m smarter… it won’t happen to me.” This is not one of those things that work that way. This WILL be a problem for you. It WILL bite you, and I’d rather tell you now than have you calling me (or anybody) for help to fix it when it does.

Because all too often, it isn’t fixable at all.

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How To Download, Install and Activate Free WordPress Themes

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This video covers one of the most important topics related to the WordPress website and blog development software. WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular web development software packages because it allow users to completely customize the look and feel of their website with little to no understanding of actual programming code.

Themes are basically website or blog layouts that have been designed by third party companies that they give away for free. Many of you may wonder why they do this. The primary reason is many of them actually post a backlink to their website in the footer of the theme, which improves their overall search rankings and offers free promotion of their website. The second reason many of them do it is simply free promotion, and they offer a free theme with limited functionality so people who really fall in love with one of their themes can purchase a license to the full version with more features.

In either case, knowing why WordPress themes are free doesn’t really make any difference if you don’t know how to download, install and activate a free WordPress theme. There are basically two ways a WordPress developer can do this. First, they can go through the theme installation tab right in the WordPress installation directory and upload the theme directly. The second, and faster method, is to drop all of the themes directly in the WordPress theme folder on your server.

Since we installed the server ourselves in a previous video, this video will show you how to perform both methods.

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