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WordPress Getting The Latest Version – Anatomy of Money Making with Tim Beachum

http://www.anatomyofmoneymaking.com – We will start this lesson off by learning where to get the latest version of WP. It is important that you stay up to da…

Latest Trends in Furniture According to Interior Design Blogs

Furniture trends and home decor have run the gambit of just about everything over the last several decades. There really isn’t much left for the furniture market to do. Perhaps this is why there really aren’t any furniture trends today.

This is not quite true. You could say that there are two main trends that can be easily combined. The first trend is to buy “vintage” which basically just means that you are buying something used from a thrift store, or “vintage shop” where things are cheap and worn. This is part of the recycling craze, and is actually very good for you and your wallet.

These used pieces of furniture are then spiced up with throw pillows, throw fleeces, quilts, and furniture cushions, all of which are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in many varieties of sizes, colors and patterns. If you don’t like anything you can find, try your fabric shop and make your own. It’s easy! You can also spruce up the furniture with a good sanding on the wood framing and applying a fresh coat of varnish matching the rest of your home decor.

The other trend that is going on in furniture right now is to be unique. Basically that means that you buy whatever you like, and don’t buy what you don’t like. It also means that your crazy first impulse tastes won’t be laughed at by your peers. Instead, your home decor tactics will be revered and they will be in awe of your genius.

Another trend is to clash your furniture against your backdrop, creating a room full of colors. If you already have furniture that you like, try repainting your walls a vibrant color like mauve or purple. If you have white furniture, paint your walls brown. You get the idea.

If you can’t paint because you’re broke or because you live in a rental where you are not allowed to paint, you can still clash colors by hanging paintings that have the colors you want all over the room.

You can find paintings very cheap in those same “vintage shops” that you bought your used, or recycled, furniture in.

In the end it really doesn’t matter what the furniture trends are. Go with what you like, what is comfortable, and what you can afford. Make sure that you meet all of your needs and the needs of your family, your friends, and your pets, as well as the needs of your potential guests. Do this and you will never go wrong.

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Peer 1 Hostings latest data centre opening on the BBC’s news South Today

Peer 1 Hosting is helping create a new silicon valley accross the south thanks to the building of a new £45 million data centre in portsmouth hampshire according to the BBC’s South Today News. Broadcast on 4th November 2011 www.peer1hosting.co.uk
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