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How to Do Affiliate Marketing 12 – manual wordpress install 1 how to do affiliate marketing – formerly exclusive lessons but today its FREE. more lessons abo…

The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual; Claude Whitacre On Small Business

www.amazon.com This advertising manual teaches you how to use any media to create powerful ads, that will drive eager buyers through your doors. An estimated 98% of all small business print ads don’t generate enough sales volume to pay for the ad. It means that 98% of advertisers never make a profit on their ads, and 2% of the advertisers almost always do. The reasons are inside this book. You’ll read about the myths that advertising reps use to sell ads (there is actually a section written to advertising reps). You’ll see how to create a genuinely profitable ad. You’ll see why image advertising is a waste of money, and how to make your advertising a real profit center instead of an expense. The author invests less than 2% of his gross sales back into advertising. You’ll see why you don’t have to spend a lot to make a lot. This compact manual is “Stuffed to the gills” with advertising ideas that the author is using right now to promote his retail store. The author is not an expert in the inner workings of radio, TV, or other media…..and he makes no such claims. What he is an expert on is making your advertising produce huge profits…. right now! What the author has done is test different advertising strategies, record the results, and what emerges are a set of strategies that can be used to generate phenomenal profits through advertising. If you own a small business, retail store, or service business…this tightly written manual will save you thousands of dollars in