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Blogging Is the New Black (5 Reasons to Blog + 5 Steps to Begin)

Blogging Is the New Black (5 Reasons to Blog + 5 Steps to Begin)
Choose a theme. So you have your domain, your hosting and your platform. Now you need to choose a theme. A WordPress theme determines the look and feel of your site. There are plenty of free themes, or, if you have a specific look in mind, you may want …
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10 Reasons To Start Blogging: One

Oh: I actually lied UNINTENTIONALLY ***hides*** I started blogging when I turned 35 not 31…God help me from getting old and memory loss. Blogging is a way …

3 Reasons You Need Professional Blog Design

If you have decided to take a few steps forward in your path to creating content for the web, whether as a writer or a website owner, you’ll have to consider several different things in the process. One thing that is going to be on the forefront of your mind, especially in the early goings, is definitely whether or not you’ll need a professional blog design. The short answer is yeas, and the long answer will take 3 reasons to explore. The average person simply sets up their pages and hopes for the best, but unfortunately, that’s not good enough in these modern times. You’ll need to look into 3 very distinct reasons why you’ll need to either hire a professional or find a template that is not going to be free. Consider the following as a quick attempt at getting information to you in regards to this matter.

The first reason why you’ll want to make sure that you have a professional design is to stand out. There are millions of websites out there, why would anyone want to view yours? That’s the question that many people forget to ask when consider moving ahead with any sort of design. Make sure that you don’t just stick to something free and rudimentary, look for a professional designer that will customize your pages and make you look like a pro, not a novice.

The second reason you’ll want to look into this option is simply because you’ll most likely get a customized back end. The back end is where all the content will go before you publish it for other’s to read. Knowing the ins and outs of this area will require some time, but if you get a professional, they can streamline the process so that you’re posting swiftly and easily.

The last reason you’ll want, or rather you’ll need professional blog design is for search engine optimization.

If you’re looking to have your pages optimized for ultimate content, you’ll have to look into the greater good that is given with custom pages. These custom pages will come formatted in proper code structure to highlight your writing and get you on the front page of any major search engine, without having to pay for it.

The above are just a few quick reasons why you will want to look into blog design services of any kind. Do not simply go with whatever skin your content management system comes with, or you’ll miss out greatly.

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