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You Can Now Create a New WordPress Site and Change Themes Right From Your iPhone

You Can Now Create a New WordPress Site and Change Themes Right From Your iPhone
Manage your WordPress blog or website on the go, from your iOS device: view your stats, moderate comments, create and edit posts and pages, and upload media. All you need is a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress.org site running 3.6 or …
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– Web Design – Web Design 102: Intermediate Visual Design – How to get your designs right every time

This week, the world of This Week in Web Design is turned upside down as Aure interviews Jose! The two go over the exact science of getting your web design r…

Why Becoming a Freelance Web Designer is Great Right Now

Did you know that more and more people from different (and irrelevant) fields are studying to become web designers right now? Several thousands of people can…
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It's right to worry about security, but sometimes data trawls can be useful

It's right to worry about security, but sometimes data trawls can be useful
I rarely praise this government, least of all its health policy, but science minister David Willetts has played a blinder in levering in research money for this. Is there a risk? Yes, some patients may still worry, despite the vigilance of the …
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A Responsive Web Design Process — Websites Done Right.

A Responsive Web Design Process — Websites Done Right.
Despite the huge amount of knowledge being shared on the subject of responsive design, I get the feeling that the workflow is still very mysterious. I've been thinking about a right process for quite a long time and finally came up with what I think is …
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Best Blog Software – Get it Right!

The best blog software will allow you to harness the power of the internet and fling your thoughts, dreams, ideas and your other various contributions, literally across the world. You can even start an online business empire simply using the best blog software properly. What other generation has been able to do the same with such ease!? But before you take over the online world, you must choose the right blogging software for your purposes.

This article will cover:

Which type is the best blog software for you.
Self hosting vs. Free hosting
The benefits and drawbacks of both types of blogging software.
Examples of blogging software.


Which type of blog software is right for you?

The first thing you should ask yourself before deciding what is the best blog software is:

Are you gonna be a casual blogger that likes everything done for them?

Or are you a more serious blogger who would like to make money and have the ability to customize your blog?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both “free blogging services” and “blogging software” that you host on your own…

Examples of free hosting blogging services:



Benefits of free blogging services:

The service provides easy to use, point and click formats and templates that are “ready-made”.
The blogging service has a large staff behind it, thus you can go to them for technical assistance
No cost to host your blog. (Hence free hosting)
Have a name brand behind them and thus give your blog posts a little clout in the search engines.


Examples of blog software that you host on your own:

WordPress.org (this is different than the other WordPress.com free blog service)
expression engine
moveable type


Benefits of blog software that you host on your own:

Huge flexibility and customization options with plugins and templates. (As you’ll see it can require a tiny bit more work, but it’s still simple and the upside is huge.)
Ability to make your blog look like a static website.
Since you are hosting on your own server, you have full control of your blog. It won’t get pulled down for various reasons. (i.e. Frowned upon marketing tactics.)


In my opinion, and in the opinion of most web experts, WordPress.org, (the one that you host on your own,) is easily the best blog software and is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality, ease of use and flexibility. Plus it allows you to not be tied to the blogging format. You can use WordPress to create impressive websites as well. Using templates, you can literally have a gorgeous blog/website up in an hour. Plus utilizing the potential of their free plugins, you can seriously turn your WordPress site into a internet powerhouse!

I hope you now realize the power of choosing the

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Political Spectrum Moves Right – Cenk Hosting MSNBC

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