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WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme Demo – 2016

Hands-on demo of WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme features. Skip around or watch in full as we build a complete WordPress website using Twenty Sixteen theme.

Intro 00:00:00
Notes 2:54
Customizer 4:54
Header image 5:29
Posts 7:38
New post editor 8:07
Editing buttons 8:30
Featured image 8:52
Author link 10:30
Category link 10:49
Excerpt 11:13
Continue reading link 11:43
Change your password 15:15
Pages 15:30
Menus 15:57
Social menu 17:59
Sidebar 19:25
WordPress widgets 20:25
Adding and rearranging widgets 23:00
Google ad 23:44
Install plugins 26:24
Facebook page plugin 28:56
Blank canvas method 32:00
Get facebook images 34:00
Learn the Text tab and some HTML and CSS 35:54
Meta slider 42:40
Crop images 43:17
Social icons 47:51
About page 51:59
Contact page 55:17
Footer 59:36
The end 1:00:35

The quote from Matt https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/08/25/introducing-twenty-sixteen/

p.s. I’m so so sorry about the PpPp sounds. Too close to the mic. Also my crappy heater was steaming during the demo. Ugh.
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X – The Best WordPress Theme Ever Made? (Review)

http://hottipscentral.com/x-best-wordpress-theme-ever-made-review/ Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme, which I believe is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever seen so far. Why do I think that? Because I’ve never made a video of one before, and this one all but forced me to want to make one.

THIS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 2.0!! Check out the latest news for this theme that updates the information in this video!

You can see for yourself what makes X so cool here: http://cpry.net/LP6pLW

If you’d like a video tour of the admin areas, visit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZjPV_l8RBg

Get a tour and demo of using Revolution Slider for X here:


If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. This is the first time I’ve talked about one, so I’m unsure of what the response will be for more. Links to the theme are affiliate links that help support the channel and future videos.

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