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WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme Demo – 2016

Hands-on demo of WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme features. Skip around or watch in full as we build a complete WordPress website using Twenty Sixteen theme.

Intro 00:00:00
Notes 2:54
Customizer 4:54
Header image 5:29
Posts 7:38
New post editor 8:07
Editing buttons 8:30
Featured image 8:52
Author link 10:30
Category link 10:49
Excerpt 11:13
Continue reading link 11:43
Change your password 15:15
Pages 15:30
Menus 15:57
Social menu 17:59
Sidebar 19:25
WordPress widgets 20:25
Adding and rearranging widgets 23:00
Google ad 23:44
Install plugins 26:24
Facebook page plugin 28:56
Blank canvas method 32:00
Get facebook images 34:00
Learn the Text tab and some HTML and CSS 35:54
Meta slider 42:40
Crop images 43:17
Social icons 47:51
About page 51:59
Contact page 55:17
Footer 59:36
The end 1:00:35

The quote from Matt https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/08/25/introducing-twenty-sixteen/

p.s. I’m so so sorry about the PpPp sounds. Too close to the mic. Also my crappy heater was steaming during the demo. Ugh.
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Authored Content, Ep. 6: HTML5 main tag, Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme, and Emmet

Authored Content crew James Williamson, Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Ray Villalobos talk about the new main HTML5 tag, the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme, Emm…
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