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How to update WordPress Themes manually – 3 ways to do it

3 ways how to update a WordPress Theme manually without losing your customization! It is very easy! –

There are multiple ways of updating your theme files and in this video I show you the most important three. Updating WordPress theme without losing customization is very easy.

First you can just delete the theme you want to update from the WordPress Backend. Just reupload the latest version of the theme and you’re done. Just make sure you don’t delete the child theme.

Second, some themes gives you the option to enter your themeforest credentials in the theme options. Then the updating is as easy as clicking on “Update” in the Plugin section!

Third, enter your hosting file directory via FTP. Delete the parent theme directory manually and replace it with the latest version of your theme!

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The themes I am using in this video are Zephyr and Impreza by Upsolution. You can get them here:
Zephyr: http://goo.gl/NN3T4U
Impreza: http://goo.gl/tb0wD7
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12 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

12 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website
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