We Make Huge Money with this Google Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes ( Approx 20000$ Per Month )

We Make Huge Money with this Google Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Download Google Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme FlexMag here :- http://goo.gl/XDAvSJ

As you are Watching this post, I can tell that you are interested in earning money from AdSense. Is that right? Yes, this is a great way to earn money online. However, in order to earn money from AdSense, you need to optimize things like ad placement, ad color & many more.

You can always use any of these AdSense WordPress plugins, but there are many dedicated premium WordPress themes are there, which helps in increasing AdSense revenue. These themes, are created dedicatedly to get more CTR on your ads, and around the content so that you get high paying ads. I have created a collection of best AdSense WordPress themes, which you can use right now.

1. 10 Best WordPress Theme for Adsense To Increase Revenue :- http://thehackersolutions.com/best-wo…
2. Top 8 Best Adsense Optimized & SEO Friendly WordPress Themes – http://thehackersolutions.com/adsense-seo-friendly-wordpress-themes.html
3. Top 27 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes For Company, eCommerce, Blog, Affiliate and AdSense Websites – http://thehackersolutions.com/seo-friendly-wordpress-themes.html

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10 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2016

Best Photography WordPress Themes 2016 , Photography WordPress Themes 2016 .. Download Links:

#10 http://themeforest.net/item/village-a-responsive-fullscreen-wordpress-theme/237812?ref=uxur

#9 http://themeforest.net/item/dk-for-photography-creative-portfolio/631383?ref=uxur

#8 http://themeforest.net/item/expression-photography-responsive-wordpress-theme/2855595?ref=uxur

#7 http://themeforest.net/item/fluxus-portfolio-theme-for-photographers/3854385?ref=uxur

#6 http://themeforest.net/item/chocolate-wp-responsive-photography-theme/299901?ref=uxur

#5 http://themeforest.net/item/tripod-professional-wordpress-photography-theme/4438731?ref=uxur

#4 http://themeforest.net/item/photolux-photography-portfolio-wordpress-theme/894193?ref=uxur

#3 http://themeforest.net/item/invictus-a-fullscreen-photography-wordpress-theme/180096?ref=uxur

#2 http://themeforest.net/item/core-minimalist-photography-portfolio/240185?ref=uxur

#1 http://themeforest.net/item/king-size-fullscreen-background-wordpress-theme/166299?ref=uxur
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6 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

Parallax themes, flat design, large image themes. Checkout the cutting edge in WordPress themes before you buy one.

All themes here:


Swell theme:

Hero theme:

Hayden theme:

Baylie theme:

Ink theme:

Trail theme:

Even more great wordpress themes to see here:

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes 2016

Free WordPress Themes 2016, Free WP Themes, Free Responsive WordPress Themes & Templates .. MORE INFO / DOWNLOAD:

#10 http://themegrill.com/themes/ample/

#9 https://wordpress.org/themes/awaken/

#8 https://wordpress.org/themes/auberge/

#7 https://wordpress.org/themes/onetone/

#6 https://wordpress.org/themes/flaton/

#5 https://wordpress.org/themes/ascent/

#4 https://wordpress.org/themes/enigma/

#3 https://wordpress.org/themes/zerif-lite/

#2 https://colorlib.com/wp/themes/illdy/

#1 https://colorlib.com/wp/themes/shapely/



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Customizing WordPress #1 – How To Create A Child Theme

The 1st video in the new Customizing WordPress video series. Here we show you how create a child theme in WordPress.

Code used:

Theme Name: Level Up Child
Theme URI: http://wordpress:8888/
Description: This is a child theme of 2014
Author: Scott Tolinski
Author URI: http://scotttolinski.com
Template: twentyfourteen
Version: 0.1


For questions post in the comments or visit:

To Support Level Up Tuts:

WordPress Development – Create WordPress Themes and Plugins Tutorial

Full 6 hour course on sale for ! https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-development-create-wordpress-themes-and-plugins/?couponCode=YT12

The course for beginners, WordPress users and all who find WordPress somewhat difficult to get into. It covers all WordPress fundamentals and APIs.

In the full course, you will gain a deep understanding of how WordPress works. You will build a fully functioning theme and plugin. Course comes with material needed for free. All resources are provided.
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Where To Get SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Where To Get SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

StudioPress themes: http://goo.gl/XEYcpu
Zigzagpress themes: http://goo.gl/z3B8mi
Web Savvy Marketing themes: http://goo.gl/gPfgMs
Agent Evolution themes (real estate): http://goo.gl/WqtfXw
Genesis Framework (must purchase separately if you choose a Genesis theme outside of StudioPress): http://goo.gl/zXSzMq
My list of 25+ SEO Friendly WordPress themes: http://onlinemediamasters.com/seo-friendly-wordpress-themes/

This video shows you how to choose an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that is mobile responsive, HTML, fast, secure, supports rich snippets, has reliability, support, and documentation. And they’re are built in the notorious Genesis Framework which is recommended by Yoast, Google’s Matt Cutts, and the founder of WordPress – Matt Mullenweg. StudioPress is my favorite WordPress theme store but there are plenty to choose from!

Don’t forget that by using a Genesis-powered WordPress theme you get access to Genesis-specific WordPress plugins which you can find here: http://goo.gl/oFpoY8

Drop me a line in the comments if you need help!
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Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 2) Editing style.css, header.php, and footer.php

(Part 2 of 3) Learn how to customize any WordPress theme by understanding the files that control the themes appearance and structure starting with 3 of the most important files to understand: style.css, header.php, footer.php – Learning how these 3 files construct your WordPress site is the beginning of learning how to customize the appearance and structure of any WP theme into any website you can design.
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Bangla Tutorial: How to Change and Install WordPress Themes For Beginners

Bangla Tutorial: How to Change and Install WordPress Themes For Beginners -আপডেট মেইলে পেতে ফ্রী সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন- SUBSCRIBE ‘4GBD’: http://goo.gl/DA2i2R
ফলাফল দেখুন এখানে: http://4gbd.host22.com